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There’s already plenty to think about when it comes to running a business.  Do you really need to worry about maintaining a blog? If you want to reach your customers (and be found by Google), the answer is YES!  Here’s why.

#1: A Blog Makes Your Business Personalinteract online marketing blog

A No. 1 hit on Google is nice, but what potential customers really want to see is who you are and what your business stands for.  A blog lets you prove your expertise and build trust with your potential customers by offering them good information right off the bat.  It’s the easiest way to make a good first impression in the digital age.

#2: A Blog Helps People (and Google) Find Your Business

Plain and simple, a blog is one of the absolute best ways to boost your search engine optimization (or SEO).  Google looks fondly on websites that are updated regularly, and using keywords, headings and backlinks build your credibility — both for search engines and for humans.  If regularly updated it provides fresh content for potential and existing customers, and backlinks plus that fresh content makes Google take notice too.

#3: Use Your Blog to Build Your Brand

No. 1 and No. 2 are great ways to find customers, but you can build stronger relationships with them by letting your brand shine via your blog.  Profile your employees, or do a story on your company’s history — people love knowing there are humans behind their favorite businesses.  Make it the first place to let your customers know about promotions or sales.  Showcase new products or services, and don’t be afraid to brag a little about a great customer service experiences.

#4: Use Your Blog to Interact with Your Customers

Blogs can be a great way to interact with your customers in the comment section.  It is a great place to start conversations, whether it’s gathering new ideas, collecting stories about great customer experiences, or even taking constructive criticism.  The extra effort to moderate the comment section is well worth the benefit of building real relationships with your customers.

Blog Writing and Management at iNteract Online Marketing

We understand that not all business owners feel comfortable writing web content or managing Google’s constantly changing SEO requirements.  That’s where iNteract Online Marketing can step in to help.  We can develop great content for your customers while managing the backend SEO so your customers can find you.  Ready to get your blog started?  Contact us today at 816-223-3996.