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You already know you need to be on facebook and twitter as well as blogging, but the new social media darling on the block is snapchat.  With more than 100 million daily active users, snapchat is a great place to expand your online presence.  Read on to find out how your business can use snapchat to reach customers.

#1: Snapchat Your Business Life

We’ve talked before about how social media gives customers a window into who you are, and snapchat is no different.  A great way to take advantage of snapchat is to show customers what your day-to-day big “moments” look like.  Running a big sale?  Snap the set up, snap the event, and snap the aftermath.  Holding a special event? Same deal.  Show the personal side of your business with snapchat.

#2: Use Snapchat to Deliver Special News

Reward your customers for following you on snapchat.  If you’ve got an online store, offer a special discount code for your followers.  Offer screenshot coupons that in-store customers can show you on their phones.  You can even run flash sales that you announce only on snapchat.  There are so many possibilities for rewarding your customers for being loyal snapchat followers.

#3: Show Your Expertise with Snapchat

Have a new product you want to showcase? Snapchat is the perfect place to do it.  You can demo a new product or service to your customers on snapchat, and you can even show actual customers using it.  This is a fun way to get your customers truly involved — and dedicated to return.

#4: Interact with Your Customers via Snapchat

You can also invite people to reply to you on snapchat (“Snap us back and let us know what you think!”).  Just like twitter or facebook, this encourages your customers to engage with you and your brand.  One advantage of snapchat is you might get to put a face to the name of some of your customers, and vice versa.

Social Media Marketing with iNteract Online Marketing

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