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There’s no denying that a website with aesthetic appeal is definitely important in this day and age.  After all, a first impression can make or break a new customer relationship.  But what good is a pretty website if no one can find it?  And if they do find it, you can bet that first impression won’t last long if the content is lackluster.

Don’t fall into the trap of only focusing on aesthetics.  Read on to find out how we design websites that attract potential customers and turn them into patrons.kansas city website design

Search Engine Optimization Helps Customers Find Your Website

So how do you get people to your website? A not-so-little thing called Search Engine Optimization.  Think of it as the invisible map built into your website that helps Google and other search engines find your site and direct people to it.

Effective Websites Have Good Content

A nice-looking website without good content is like a beautiful, leatherbound book with nothing but blank pages inside.  An effective website will have informative, well-written content that gives customers the information they’re looking for.  And a regularly updated blog serves a dual purpose of helping Google find your website and providing updated content.

Comprehensive Websites Help People Interact With You

Websites tend to be a one-way street: they’re how you inform your potential and current customers.  But they’re also a great way to point people toward your social networks on facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat.  With a well-designed web presence, your website and your social media will work together to create a strong brand.

Perfect Your Web Presence with iNteract Online Marketing

Does your web presence need some work?  iNteract Online Marketing can help.  We provide beautiful, SEO-ready websites with great content, designed to pull in new customers and send them your way.  Ready to get started?  Give us a call today at 816-223-3996, or visit us on the web to learn more.