2017 marketing trends
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Marketing trends come and go fast in the digital age and it is important to look forward to what will be trending. Knowing what worked in the past and what is predicted to work in the future is important for your marketing to be effective. Here we take a look at some of the marketing trends for 2017.

Interactive Content

Interactive content makes the user a part of the content by using tools such as quizzes, polls, surveys, contests, and infographics. Instead of passively consuming content, interactive content makes the user an active participant by educating and engaging.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing uses leaders as marketers. Leaders influence over social media. This type of marketing is popular because a lot of consumers trust individuals over brands.


Thru personalization content reaches people based on their preferences and habits. It targets who they are, when and how they access content, and what device or platform they use to access content. Personalization marketing reaches consumers via GPS but it is important to use the behavior based data personalization uses intuitively and avoid being creepy.

Mobile Firstapp indexing

Content is made for on the go lifestyles. Optimization of mobile sites is extremely important for marketing as well as ease of usability of mobile sites.

Mobile Video/Livestreaming

Mobile videos have been growing faster than desktop videos since 2015. Livestreaming is becoming more and more popular on social media along with videos that expire in time.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is digital recreation of reality mostly through the use of headset and glasses. Augmented reality delivers virtual elements to the real world. Both of these methods of marketing are entertaining and changing the way we can market to consumers. For example, using theses methods we can see what our living room will look like rearranged, or try on clothes in virtual reality dressing rooms.

Purpose Driven Marketing

Purpose driven marketing grows brands by giving the audience something to connect to making marketing as a mission. It helps make boring brands appeals and reaches consumers emotions. a n example of purpose driven marketing is Tom’s Shoes.

Social Media Buy Buttons

Social media buy buttons capitalize on the immediate buy stage. It ups conversion rates because social media converts to buying without leaving the page. It eliminates shopping cart abandonment as well. It works great as a tool to measure ROI of social media marketing.

ROI rather than Views

Thru data driven analytics measuring ROI determines profitability more accurately than views. It helps companies determine how many content marketers they need on their teams. Interactive marketing and videos track much more information which creates data for advertising and a clearer path to ROI.

Embrace the IoT (Internet of Things)

Technology driven communications are being developed by the masses. From smart devices, to home automation, to even smart cities. The ATM is considered to be one of the first IoTs. In modern day we now have refrigerators that tell us when we need more milk.

With so many marketing trends to consider in 2017 don’t forget to focus on what works rather than what is trending. Having a clear path of what your marketing is aiming to accomplish is much more important than following a trend. Get to know what your customers want and personalize your marketing to trend to the right audiences. If you need help with you marketing strategy in 2017 Contact Us Today!