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SEO Trends for 2016

If there’s one thing you can definitely expect from SEO, it’s that SEO is constantly evolving.  To stay up to date and relevant, it’s important to stay on top of the current SEO trends.  Here are the top 3 trends to be aware of in 2016.

#1: Video Content Becomes an Even Better Investmentinteract online marketing seo

Written content will always be important, but look for video content to continue to grow in importance for your brand.  With the growth of video apps like Snapchat, Vine, Periscope and even once-image-dominated Instagram, video is on its way to becoming integral for modern customer interaction.

#2: Mobile Optimization Becomes No. 1 Priority

In 2015, mobile search surpassed desktop search for the first time in history.  So if you want to remain relevant to your customers, they need to be able to see your website easily on their mobile devices.  Instead of being an add-on option, in 2016, mobile optimization should be your No. 1 priority for your website.

#3: Social Content Becomes More Searchable

You’ve probably already noticed tweets or even Facebook posts appearing in your search results, and that’s only going to increase in 2016.  More platforms like Pinterest and Tumbler are working to become indexed by Google and other search engines, especially with the use of Hashtags.  This means that providing meaningful social media experiences for your users is becoming more important all the time.

SEO Marketing by iNteract Online Marketing

Staying on top of SEO trends is a necessary part of helping customers find your business in 2016 and beyond.  If you want to ensure your website is ready to evolve in 2016, iNteract Online Marketing can help.  We’ve constantly got our eyes on what’s happening with SEO, and we’ll ensure your web, social media and mobile content are optimized for your customers to find you.  Contact us today to get started.