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Looking up businesses on our phones is second nature these days.  With 3G, 4G and beyond, not to mention the growing number of places with free wifi, it’s easy to find information wherever you are.  That means it’s not just a good idea to make sure your website’s mobile-friendly — it’s vital!  So how do you know if your website works on smartphones?  Read on.

Why Is a Mobile-Friendly Website Important?interact online marketing mobile-friendly

Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile are frustrating for users.  The text looks too small and is hard to read, links are hard to find and nearly impossible to click on, and you have to scroll or swipe sideways just to see all the content.  Google takes mobile optimization seriously enough to add a “Mobile-friendly” tag in its search results.

How to Tell if Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

  • Mobile-friendly websites have the following characteristics:
  • Mobile-friendly sites don’t use software that isn’t standard issue on mobile devices (like Flash)
  • Text is easily readable (no zooming or sideways scrolling required)
  • Links are easily selected (big enough to see and far enough away from other links to avoid mis-taps).

Google actually makes it really easy to check and see if your website is mobile-friendly.  Using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test will tell you if your website is optimized for mobile according to Google, and their Webmasters Mobile Guide can give you information on how to create or improve your mobile site.

Get Help Creating and Improving Your Mobile Website

Creating and maintaining a website is a big enough task, so we understand if adding mobile optimization on top of that seems overwhelming.  That’s where iNteract Online Marketing can help.  We know the ins and outs of mobile, and we understand what Google and other search engines want to see.  That means we can get your site optimized for mobile viewing and get you the search hits your business needs quickly and efficiently.  Ready to get started helping your customers find you? Contact us today.