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With the newly developed ability for Google app content indexing, there are many more opportunities for app developers to showcase their content via the world’s largest search engine.  Here’s what you need to know.

New Tech Equals New Opportunities

Until recently, app landing pages on the web were indexed by Google, but there was no way to search or index actual app content.  But now that’s changed, and that means there’s now an incentive for app developers to optimize their content for Google Search.

Two Ways for Indexing Apps in Googleinteract online marketing app indexing

Google indexes and ranks apps in two different ways:

  • App Packs: These link you straight to the app download pages in either Google Play or the Apple Store, depending on the type of device with which you’re searching, and they only show apps compatible with your device.
  • Deep Links: These display specific screens within an app, and these can display the app icon and an open-on-the-web function to give users options for where to open without additional dialog screens. 

How Google Ranks Deep Links

Google’s algorithm for indexing deep links takes several factors into account.

  • Installation Status: If you’re using an Android device, Android apps that are currently installed or have been in the past get more weight.
  • Proper Implementation: App screens with technical implementation errors won’t be indexed by google at all, so make sure your app development team is up to speed.
  • Website Signals: Traditional SEO elements like title and description tags will continue to serve as ranking factors.
  • Content Mismatch: Because Google considers the app’s corresponding website to be the go-to source for indexing, app content that doesn’t seem to correspond to the website will cause mismatch errors to be reported in the Google Search Console.
  • JavaScript Banners: Apple and Google both discourage JavaScript banners, or interstitials, in apps.  These banners can also cause content mismatch errors and provide justification for not indexing an app at all.

Get Help Developing Your App for Optimized for Google Search

With these new changes, there’s a huge opportunity for you to help your potential customers find your app and its content.  If you’re looking for help taking advantage of this opportunity, our team at iNteract Online Marketing can help get your business’ online marketing plan up to speed. Contact us today for more information.