Online Marketing Packages

Many business owners will find that doing their own marketing can be VERY time consuming. First they have to learn all the different ways to market their company online and then they have to apply what they learned and do all the steps. After finding how much work goes into marketing their company correctly they often decide to hire a professional. Interact Online Marketing can be those professionals for you! We love helping business owners get the results they are looking for, while not spending all the time doing the marketing themselves. We offer many different online marketing services that you can put together to create the ideal Online Marketing Package for your business.

Our Online Marketing Services

Interact Google+Interact Online Marketing will provide a comprehensive strategy for optimization of your companies local web presence.  Including:

  • Comprehensive Listings and ongoing upkeep/optimization in Business Directories

  • Monitoring and placement of customer reviews throughout listing presence.  Note: Reviews can only be placed as provided.

  • Localized optimization for enhanced online presence around your business location

Interact Online Marketing will perform ongoing monthly search engine optimization of your website.

  • Monthly review of keyword strategies based most highly search terms

  • Continuous improvement of page titles, page content, and page descriptions

  • Monthly tracking and reporting of online conversions

Interact Online Marketing  will work with you and/or your staff to determine the content of each blog post based on current issues in your industry, repetitive customer questions, and market trends.

  • Provide relevant content with keyword optimization.
  • Follow blogs that are relevant to your field and reply feedback on the company’s behalf.

Interact Online Marketing will monitor and manage the performance of the following social media platforms:

  • FacebookInteract Social Media Channels
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Youtube


The first goal is to increase the social media following to significant number and then to utilize enhanced online social presence to the benefit of the business with promotions and discount offers.


The email marketing program includes:

  • Regular reports detailing ROI with tracking pixels

  • Worry-free customer follow up

  • Expanded sales funnel driving increased revenue

  • Professional and custom design, segmentation and cross channel integration

  • Regular A/B testing, maximizing open rates, click-through-rates, and conversions