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The Importance of  “Mobile-First” Culture and Jump-Starting your Mobile Strategy

By the end of 2016 mobile and tablet traffic surpassed desktop traffic. In 2016 Google started Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and announced it is a “mobile-first” culture. To be competitive business must put a mobile strategy in place. Mobile is one of the top marketing trends in 2017 and here are a few ways to develop your mobile strategy to ensure success.

Mobile User Experience

Make sure your site is Mobile-First! It is what customers expect and everyone is on mobile. Check your forms and make sure they are mobile friendly. Are they short enough? Is the text easy to read? If you have an ecommerce site focus on making the mobile payment process is as easy as possible. Use tools such as Google’s Site Speed to optimize your mobile site speed and move towards using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


Advertise for Mobile

After you ensure your site is mobile-first, tailor your advertising to the mobile users experience. Make sure your ads are mobile responsive and create ads specific to mobile. Ensure your phone number is easy to read and focus on “near me” search optimization.

Measure and Optimize the Mobile Experience

It is important to track, test, and optimize your mobile strategy to make sure it works effectively. Make sure you have mobile tracking set up correctly. Track as much information as possible and pay close attention to mobile users moving from device to device to as they interact with your website. This will allow you to see conversion rates, where users stay and drop off, and better optimize your marketing campaigns for visitors.
Without a mobile website your business can lose out on a fast growing audience. By neglecting a mobile site you are losing out on a growing 60% of internet browsers. Google now ranks mobile friendly sites higher than those that are not. If your site is not mobile responsive we can help. Contact us for a mobile consultation or mobile redesign at 816.223.3996, or fill out the contact form